Dove Hunting Tips with Sillosocks

Dove Hunting Tips with Sillosocks

One of the most anticipated days of almost every hunter’s season is less than a month away! Many hunters in America wait all year for September 1st, opening day of dove season, because that day is viewed as the kickoff to all the other hunting seasons. With dove season right around the corner, Sillosocks wants to make sure you are prepared with a few quick tips!

Scouting. One of the most important steps to any hunt, especially dove hunting, is proper scouting. Knowing where the birds will be, and when they’ll be there is crucial to having a successful hunt. Peak times for dove movement are typically around sunrise and sunset. Some key locations to look for dove are freshly harvested corn fields, wheat stubble fields, ponds with bare banks, gravel roads and powerlines. Even better if you can find a spot with many of these in close proximity!

Preparation. With a few weekends left before the season starts, there is plenty of time to get ready for dove season. Now is the time to be cleaning your guns, buying fresh batteries for your spinners, and buying plenty of ammo! With an average of 5-7 shots taken per dove, it is also a great time to get out and get some target practice in by shooting clays with your friends.

Motion. It’s no secret that doves love the motion of a spinning wing decoy. Dove hunters all over the country will be jamming stationary poles in the ground with a spinning wing decoy on top, but if you want additional motion to attract more dove, using a Sillosock 2 arm rotary machine is a great option. Best of all, it can be used with Sillosock duck and goose flyers after dove season winds down. Check out the rotary machine with dove spinners in action below:

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