Economy Snow Goose Decoys

SilloSocks knows that in order to have consistent successful snow goose hunts, you need to have large snow goose spreads. We also know that not every hunter can afford to spend their life savings on thousands of snow goose full body decoys and multiple trailers to haul them out to the field, so we developed the economy line of snow goose decoys. We want every waterfowl hunter, even the budget hunter, to be able to experience massive tornadoes of snow geese dropping into the decoys.

Economy Snow Goose Windsocks


When it comes to hunting snow geese, having the most realistic decoy is not always as important as having a large number of decoys dancing in the wind. Our economy windsocks are the same decoy as our full-color snow goose windsocks, but they are solid white at a budget price! Perfect for the budget hunter looking to build a large spread or for some looking to bulk up an existing spread. Hunt them all white, or add your own feather detailing with paint and a stencil!

Economy Snow Goose Silhouettes

New to the economy line is our snow goose silhouette decoys! Silhouette decoys are perfect for adding the shape of full body decoys in a small package. You can pack hundreds of these silhouettes in a single bag. Silhouettes are a perfect for adding different shapes to compliment a windsock spread, or could be run by themselves. Our silhouettes have a unique foot design that helps stabilize the decoy in even the strongest winds.