About Us

Sillosocks were created because no major airline would pull my decoy trailer. I wanted to be able to use my own decoys when traveling to hunt. I have used other windsocks and their effectiveness is proven but they are rather bulky and heads and stake become lost or broken over time. Silhouette decoys add a definite lifelike appearance to a spread but disappear from certain angles. I believe subtle motion greatly enhances the realistic appearance of any decoy spread. Sillosocks were created to combine the best aspects of silhouette and windsocks decoys. No other motion decoy comes close to Sillosocks for lightweight compact portability with a full body appearance. You can throw 10 dozen in you trunk and off you go.

Shear numbers of decoys is not the key, movement is. You must develop some way to make your decoy spread come alive . Movement is what makes your spread look real to circling geese.

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