Sandhill Crane Windsock Decoys

Sillosocks Decoys started out making duck and goose decoys, but as we expanded our lineup and Sandhill crane hunting grew in popularity, we quickly realized the need for lightweight, portable and affordable Sandhill crane decoys. So we made our Sandhill crane silhouette windsock decoys, and they quickly became one of the hottest decoys that we sell! 


Movement is key

Just like hunting waterfowl, movement is a very critical component if you want to successfully hunt Sandhill cranes and that is why we believe windsocks are the best decoys for this job! Windsocks will bob and create a lot of realistic motion, even in the lightest winds. Other decoys offer little to no motion. 

Easy to transport

Full body crane decoys are BIG and heavy making them hard to haul around. Our crane windsocks lifelike in size, but are still extremely lightweight. Sillosocks lay flat and stack so you can haul up to 4 dozen decoys in our Crane Decoy Bag. Reduce the number of trips you have to make back to the truck for more decoys!

Doesn’t break the bank

We know that it is expensive to get into hunting a new species, and that is especially true with Sandhill cranes because the larger decoys are typically very expensive (often a few hundred dollars for 6 decoys). Sillosock makes one of the most affordable sandhill crane decoys, at less than $150 for a dozen. 

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