BlindFold - Waterfowl hunting blind system

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Our innovative new design gives you the flexibility and mobility of a panel blind the great improvements,  The top opening is roughly 90 inches by 24 inches, easily fits 3 hunters.  The tapered design allows for double the floor space that a panel blind offers.  Plenty of room for gear and dogs.  There are 2 dog doors on each end of the front of the blind. There is a zipper on the back side for entry.

The basic blind comes with a cordura cover with all the stubble straps required to hide the blind using natural materials.  Once the initial  assembly is done you will not have to assemble anything to use the blind.  Our unique design allows the blind to fold up and fit into a carry case in minutes, no disassembly required.

Camo options include a corn wheat ghillie cover that attaches in minutes (see photo)  green wheat option  (see photo) and snow cover.  All camo options can be interchanged in minutes and the blind will fold with the camo still attached.

The flip top cover allows for 100% overhead concealment It comes with a cordura cover same as the blind with stubble straps. Ghillie covers are available for the flip tops.

The tapered design of this blind gives you the ultimate blind that cuts set up time down and with the ghillie covers almost eliminates the task of stubbling the blind.
Package options:
Blind Only: Comes with the blind frame, cordura cover and carry case
Full Package: Comes with the blind frame, cordura cover, flip top frame, flip top cordura cover, all camo blind covers (Green Winter Wheat, Corn and Snow), and all camo flip top covers (Green Winter Wheat, Corn and Snow)
Flip Top: Comes with a flip top frame and cordura cover to add to your existing BlindFold system ***Blind not included
Blind Covers: Sold per color option, will cover one BlindFold system. ***Blind not included
Flip Top Covers:  Sold per color option, will cover one BlindFold Flip Top system ***Blind not included

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