3D Windsock Decoys

Full body decoys are big, heavy and take forever to setup. When you want to add the depth and realism of a full body in a light, hassle-free package, these 3D head windsocks are the answer! Mix them in with your existing SilloSock windsock spread to add diversity in shape and head position. Because these decoys feature a collapsible windsock body, they have great motion in any wind and fold flat to save space.

Durable and realistic design

These decoys feature a hard durable plastic 3D head and the same tyvek windsock body as our other decoys. Every head is made using a realistic mold with life-like colors to look just like a real bird. The body is screen printed with a no-glare finish so there is no shine even on the brightest days. Our 3D windsocks are available in a variety of different species to bring your spread to life - Snow goose, blue goose, Canada goose, specklebelly goose, and mallards

Quick and easy to set out

Don't fumble with attaching full bodies to bases, these decoys are all one piece, just push them into the ground and set out a big spread in no time!  These stakes are incredibly durable and will push into even the toughest frozen ground. Even on the coldest days when your hands are too cold to move, use a drill to pre-drill holes in the ground (and even ice!) or use a rubber mallet to pound in the stakes.

Great motion in any wind

Because of the lightweight design and windsock body, these decoys will dance around even on the most calm days. With just a light breeze the decoys will rotate with the direction of the wind so you don't have to spend half your hunt moving decoys because of shifting winds.

Extremely lightweight

Full bodies are heavy and take up a lot of space. Our windsocks are extremely light and compact so, you can fit huge spreads of decoys into the bed of a single pickup, no trailer needed! On those days when driving into the field is not an option, you can still carry dozens of decoys to the X without breaking your back.