Motion Bouncer and Two Wingbeats Package

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This pack includes one bouncer, and two wing beats power flappers, your choice of mallards, Canada goose fully printed, or Canada goose black/white.

*Mallard package will come with one Drake and one hen



Our bouncer simulates waterfowl leapfrogging in a field  Active birds are always jumping up to get of the front of the pack.  The bouncer has 2 arms and a manual control to set the speed.  It can be used with any of our mallard snow/blue or Canada flappers in addition to all the wingbeat species we make.  Very economical way to add realistic motion to your spread.  Winds of 5 mph or above with make the wings flap It runs on any 12 volt battery (not included).  


Wing Beats Power Flappers:

Wing Beat Power Flappers by Sillosock Decoys are game changers! Imagine flapping wings scattered all over your rig on no wind/light wind days. Then imagine them going on and off intermittently! The birds have never seen this before. The Wingbeat Power Flappers come with a 3 stage remote: on, off or intermittent. Wingbeats are a great way to add realistic movement to any decoy spread. Lightweight, portable, and cost effective. They come with a 15 foot wire to connect to any 12 volt battery (not included).