Feeder Blue Goose Windsocks - Dozen

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  • Tough corrugated plastic head and durable tyvek body with realistic designs
  • Strong spring steel stake
  • Extremely lightweight for effortless movement in low wind 
  • Quick and easy to deploy hundreds of decoys in minutes

Our blue goose feeder decoys are a great way to add diversity and realism to your snow goose spread. Add the shape of a silhouette and the motion of windsock to your spread with a quick and easy to deploy package. 

These decoys feature a corrugated plastic silhouette head, and a durable tyvek windsock body. Every decoy comes with a realistic head design made to mimic geese feeding, and no-glare screen printed body so there is no shine even on the brightest days. 

Just slide the spring steel stake into the head and the decoy is ready to hunt! These stakes are incredibly durable and will push into even the toughest frozen ground. Even on the coldest days when your hands are too cold to move, these stakes can be pounded into the ground with a rubber mallet.

The extremely lightweight design and slim profile makes it easy to pack in the most decoys possible without breaking your back when driving into the field isn’t an option. The lightweight design also allows these decoys to dance around even on the most calm days, while the rigid spine prevents thrashing in the heaviest winds.  

In the box: 12 adult blue goose feeder decoys and 12 stakes

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