Wingbeat Canada Goose Power Flapper

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These Canada Wingbeat Power Flappers by SilloSock Decoys are game changers! This movement is as real as it gets!

Imagine flapping wings scattered all over your rig on no wind/light wind days. Then imagine them going on and off intermittently! The birds have never seen this before.The WingBeat Power Flappers come with a remote control On/Off intermittent modes. Wingbeats are a great way to add realistic movement to any decoy spread.Lightweight, portable, and cost effective. They come with a 15 foot wire to connect to any 12 volt battery.  In intermittent mode you can use as a remote flag to draw attention away from your blind

Available in Black/White Flocked or Fully Printed Flocked versions. 

Setup Instructions:

After you have assembled your decoy you need to sync your remote to the decoy. You may sync multiple decoys to the same remote. With the on button on the remote depressed hook the decoy to a 12 volt battery. Keep the ON button depressed the whole time. After the decoy is hooked up to the battery keep the ON button depressed for 3 seconds. Your remote should function after this process if not repeat.  The ON button will keep the decoy flapping continuously. In the INT mode  the decoy will flap for a few seconds rest then flap again until the mode is changed. The FLP mode is for using your decoy as a remote flagging device. After you have the decoy on press the FLP button. The decoy will stop flapping. Each time you press the FLP button the decoy will flap for as long as you hold the button down. It will stay in FLP mode until you change modes on the remote.