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Great story from a happy customer:

"Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone thats thinking about picking up some Sillosocks. Most of my hunting was done over a shallow marsh and most nights it would freeze each night. Earlier in the spring even the bottom of the marsh was frozen. The Sillosocks were the ONLY decoy we could deploy. We litterally had to push the stakes into pure ice. If it wasnt for the small diameter steel stakes our hunts would be a bust and clients that traveled a long ways to hunt would be really upset. I used the Sillosocks from early Febuary and I shot my last goose April 7th and probably put 45 total days on these dekes. Through 45mph winds, blizzards, ice, name it. Not ONE ripped out bag or broken head. I just looked through the tubs that I stored 500 Sillosocks for the Summer and did not have ONE rust stain on the Tyvek. Setup and take down time was FAST, I bet it took no more than 30 minutes for 2 guys to put out or take down 500 Sillosocks every day. As a guide fast setup and take down is priceless after a full days hunt...much needed extra sleep and if you cant make it before the one restaraunt in town closes, you starve. Best of all, they produce birds day after day no matter what the conditions are...dead calm...NO PROBLEM!! I would put them against ANY decoy, Fullbodied or not, on how they produce. I got reports from many hunters at the hotel everynight. Through those reports alone, the Sillosocks were outproducing every spread in the area 10 to 1 at times. Thanks again for a product that I feel revolutionized the way people decoy Snow geese. "

- Josh