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Speck Harvester 12 Pack 1098HP Price: $89.95
This package comes with 8 feeder Specks and four 3-D Sentry Specks. The Harvester Pack by Sillosocks Decoys come with flocked heads and UV correct white nose patches. These new 3D Sentry heads are one of the most realistic heads on the market.
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3-D Sentry SPECK DECOYS (1dz.) SS1456 Price: $99.95
Upright 3-D head perfect for adding some realism to the spread! New FLOCKED hard plastic heads are taller. Fully Flocked Chest and Necks. Powder coated 24 hook stakes!
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Speck Feeder Decoys (1 dz) SS1098 Price: $79.95
One dozen SILLOSOCKS Speck FEEDER Decoys - 12 Feeders NEW super realistic print for this year!
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Specklebelly Flapping Flyer Decoy SS1524 Price: $29.95
The wing flapping movement of these decoys attracts attention that can be seen for miles. The geese can hardly resist coming over and taking a look. Deadly on Specks.
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2-D Sentry Speck Decoys (1456-2D) Price: $82.95
NEW design allows space saving 2-D Flocked head to pivot left or right! These NEW 2-D Sentry Speck Goose Decoys (SS1456-2D) by SilloSocks Decoys have amazing Realism, Movement, Compact Storage, and Affordability. This makes the 2D Speck Sillosocks ideal for traveling hunters. We recommend 2-4 Sentry Heads per dozen decoys in your decoy rig. These 2-D Sentry Speck Goose Decoys (SS1456) by SilloSocks Decoys have amazing new feather detail that is far superior to any other windsock on the market. These new high definition prints are dead flat and do not shine. The heads are Flocked! These decoys come with a heavy weight liner bag that protects the tyvek bag and make the windsock look good in no wind. Comes with 24" Powder coated Hooked stakes and 12 body stops. Add some variety to your spread! Sold Per. 12
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